Losing subscribers or letting go of dead weight?

There has been a lot of panic and worry recently with the new GDPR policy having come into effect. Businesses that keep records of customer data, and specifically here we are talking about subscribers to regular newsletters, are updating their policies and sending out email campaigns giving those subscribers the option to update and stay or unsubscribe.

I’ve recently had clients distressed to see a large number of subscribers drop off, and in their eyes it’s as if they have just lost those valued customers forever.

But from another viewpoint were they ever valuable? If someone decides to unsubscribe from a list there is usually a reason.

Just today I unsubscribed from a regular e-newsletter from a company I once gave my details to. At the time I was interested in what they had to offer, but with a change of circumstances and personal interests the products they offer no longer hold any interest for me and the email was just another irritating bit of spam that I needed to delete every once in a while.

This just goes to illustrate how being a part of that company’s subscriber list was of no value to them. I had no intention of buying from them or using their services. If there had not been the option to unsubscribe I would have likely reported it as spam – high spam reports can lead to inboxes blacklisting an IP.

Then we should look at those that choose to remain, despite having been giving the simple option to unsubscribe. These are your real customers, the ones that have proved they still want to hear from you and are genuinely interested in your services. Is it not better to have a short list of genuine subscribers than a huge list diluted by hundreds of contacts that have no interest in you or your company?

Subscriber lists should have real value to you, just like the content you send out to them. Build a list that proves it weight in gold and let go all the dead weight!

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