MailChimp and GDPR issue with embedded signup forms

Do you use MailChimp for emailing lists and campaigns?

Do you also use an embedded signup form directly on your site for potential subscribers?

You may have discovered that since GDPR came into effect, MailChimp also now allows for you to Enable GDPR Fields through your Mailing List settings:

This adds a section for marketing permissions into the MailChimp default signup form:

They also appear in the subscriber pop-up code generated by MailChimp (click to read more about this), BUT NOT in the embedded signup forms.

What this means, we’ve discovered, is that if you enable GDPR fields, but then use an embedded signup form on your site to build subscribers, you can end up with a subscriber list where no -one has checked any of your marketing permissions, simply because they were never given the choice, or any least it wasn’t obvious to them. Any example of an embedded signup form is like this one:

Note the lack of any marketing fields, despite GDPR fields being enabled.

If it is important to your business set-up to have Marketing Permission fields that subscribers can check when signing up, then you may want to re-consider the use of an embedded signup form, especially if you use Mailchimp as a tool for email campaigns, and instead include a link directly to your Mailchimp signup form. This can be accessed through your Mailchimp account under Signup Forms:

And then selecting Form Builder, where you can edit and design your form, and importantly find the Signup Form URL, that you can include on your website to redirect potential subscribers.

Alternatively, you could use the Subscriber Pop-up code, also under Signup Forms.

Hopefully this article has helped you to configure your MailChimp Subscriber List so people can easily signup and have the option to tick any necessary permissions.

Any questions then please post them via the comments box below!

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