Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing must be done correctly

Email marketing is an important part of any overall marketing strategy, especially in this digital age. Make sure you use the correct tools to simplify the procedure, and keep within email marketing guidelines. Get on the right track using the great email marketing tool that is MailChimp and avoid bad practice.

Bad practices include mass mailing out from a common email client and not getting permissions from subscribers. The result of this can range from having your email blacklisted by various clients to emails arriving marked as SPAM. Using a dedicated email marketing tool can help avoid this, and that’s where MailChimp comes in.

How can Jungle Design help?

I can help you with your email campaigns, specifically working with the online email marketing tool MailChimp. MailChimp offers free and paid for subscriptions depending on whether you meet certain conditions. Most people find the free version more than adequate.

Mailchimp allows you to grow subscriber lists and create HTML emails based on their existing template libraries. It also offers signup form pages where potential subscribers can actually subscribe. Tools like Mailchimp can simplify the process of sending out mass emails with the various features it offers. These include privacy options and making it simple to unsubscribe, helping you avoid being blacklisted.

MailChimp offers a wide range of Email templates, consisting of different combinations of columns, rows, images and fonts. But if you cannot find what you’re looking for I can design a template to your instructions. I can even ensure that specific regions are editable so you can create future variations yourself.

Despite the intuitiveness of Mailchimp, for those new to email marketing and Mailchimp itself can struggle. I can help guide you and help set up templates as per your instructions, including email template designs and those for signup forms.

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