SEO services – Google Analytics and Adwords

Staying ahead with Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics, I can offer analysis and marketing of your site to attract more visitors and help create conversions.

Competition on the web is fiercer than ever. Competitor’s sites can easily eclipse your own, so it is important to do some form of marketing. By analysing the traffic (or lack of) that comes to your site you can understand the necessary steps to improve it.

How is Google Analytics different from SEO?

Google Analytics is a tool for SEO. You can use it to discover where further optimisation is needed on your site. The term “Search Engine Optimisation” however encompasses far more, so my SEO services are limited to that outlined here. The advantages I offer, especially if I built your site, is that I can make any changes straightaway depending on the type of web site.

For example, through analysing data in Google Analytics, we could see how users always exit at a specific page. This could indicate a coding issue that needs rectifying, or something else affecting usability that can be resolved. Another example is seeing a larger bounce rate (visitors that leave after the first page) on mobile compared to desktop. Again this would indicate issues that need resolving.

Analytics can also offer much more than this, such as monitoring user interaction and behaviour on your site.

SEO services would also include off site optimisation, such as building links that come back to your site. I don’t offer this service,  but would encourage you to give this task to an employee at the company. Those who know the business inside out are often better qualified to create directory ads and do guest blogging.

Google Adwords – a more reliable method to bring traffic to a young site

Google Adwords (soon to be renamed Google Ads) is a cost-per-click service. It works using an auction style method to “bid” on your ads appearing in search results or display locations (impressions). You only pay if someone actually clicks on your ad and visits your site. There are lots of configuration options that allow you to see where visitors originally came from. You can also limit your appearances geographically and demographically. Importantly you can also choose the types of keywords you want or don’t want associated with searches on your ad.

This a more reliable way to bring in visitors for new sites or sites with strong competition that would struggle relying on organic SEO methods alone. As mentioned there is a cost, but you could spend more on SEO services to bring your site to the top of the organic results. You can ensure that you get the most out of what you spend by configuring your Google Adwords account correctly.

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