Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the server (a specific type of computer) where your web site is allocated. Without this you won’t be able to access your site and it won’t appear on the search engines like Google.

What defines good web hosting?

For your web site it is important to use a hosting service that utilises web servers that are fast, optimised for the platform utilised by your web site (like WordPress), secure, and with good uptime (when the server is fully working and reachable). Further, it is an advantage to have a good service of support with the hosting company, that can help with the configuration of your account and for solving any eventual problems.

There are plenty of hosting companies that offer very cheap hosting but do not offer all the important characteristics outlined above. By choosing one of these can be counter productive in time and result in a web site that performs badly in terms of uptime, speed and security and result in a loss of business and time and therefore money.

How can I help?

When I build a website for clients I also offer a annual web hosting service.

I use a web server that is optimised for WordPress, the platform used for the majority of my web sites. Also it is fast, reliable and allows me to resolve any problems that occur in a short space of time thanks to their great support.

With the web hosting service that I provide it includes a security certificate (Let’s Encrypt SSL), the configuration of emails that use the same domain as your site, and the opportunity to create subdomains (for example your domain is www.example.com a subdomain could be support.example.com).

For more information please get in contact.