White Label Services

Need help but not another employee?

Maybe you’re a small company or agency that from time to time finds it difficult to cope with a large influx of work. You don’t want to hire an extra member of staff because workloads fluctuate and you would rather stay flexible with the number of staff to hand. For that reason using White Label Services makes sense.

What is White Label Services?

White Label Services are those provided that you can brand as your own, it is often known as White-label product since it doesn’t just apply to services (you can find more on the term at Wiki here). In the case of freelance website design for example, a freelancer working  under white label may offer services remotely or in-house as part of your company. Depending on the circumstances he / she may even deal directly with clients by email, phone or face-to-face. For this reason a white label service can often benefit from setting up an in-house email and contact details for the person involved.

So what can I offer?

I have been offering white label services to clients for a number of years now. This has involved:

  • Offering web and graphic design services under a company’s own brand
  • Covering for absent staff during sick / holiday periods etc.
  • Coming into an office on a regular basis during periods of excess workload
  • Working on specific projects with a team or alone from start to completion
  • Being called into meetings on relevant projects
  • Dealing with clients on behalf of agencies on technical matters
  • Working completely in the background / out of sight
  • Offering training and advice on Tools and services I offer / work with
  • An extra member of the team without the commitment

And there’s likely more I haven’t thought of so please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions!

Contact Jungle Design to ask about my services in more detail using the information found here.